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Great SportsTech Limited (GSL) is dedicated to helping cricket administrators maintain international field standards. GSL offers a range of cricket infrastructure solutions, including artificial turf and natural grass surfaces. GSL’s state-of-the-art offerings also encompass soil aeration, vacuum drainage systems, modular stadiums, and floodlights. Customer satisfaction is a priority and GSL frequently partners with industry giants in the infrastructure sector.

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Courtesy to GSL, match cancellation due to wet outfields is a thing of the past now. We are the Exclusive Licensee of the SubAir System, the next-generation turf-conditioning technology. It not only aerates the turf from the roots and ensures a lush green field, but it also drains rainwater through its vacuum mode ensuring a rapid resumption of the match after a heavy shower. With the SubAir System installation at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, GSL has developed the world’s first cricket stadium with the unique sub-surface aeration and vacuum-powered water suction system that drains rainwater at over 10,000 liters per minute (36 times faster than gravity).

SubAir is an industry leader and innovator of turf conditioning system. They have long understood that the deep-rooted, resilient, and healthy green grass is required for optimum growing conditions. Their innovation not only elevates the fan experience but it also saves the TV broadcasters and the in-stadia members from a loss of Rupees 80-100 crore (US$12-15 million) due to a washout.

We develop high-performance natural grass cricket fields. Natural grass is not only environment-friendly but it also provides a cool surface that ensures an optimum level of player-comfort. These lush green fields, that are resilient, provide safe-play conditions for athletes. The look and feel of natural grass are what many athletes yearn for. GSL ensures supreme base construction that is aligned with the USGA technique and other international turf construction standards. This easy-to-manage surface provides an efficient drainage system and is ideal for games of every season.
Our product's revolutionary blade technology closely replicates the look and feel of natural grass. With FieldTurf's artificial turf for cricket, players can now confidently dive, slide or practice any fielding, bowling or batting technique without any fear of injuries. The turf from FieldTurf, with its patented mix of silica sand & rubber, helps give the right type of grip and cushion, which reduces the impact of injuries drastically.
FieldTurf is the world leader in artificial turf and in fact the innovator of this new-generation turf. There are over 14 patents covering various aspects of the FieldTurf artificial grass “system”. Its success is reflected by its installations in over 7,000 stadiums and playground installations across 55 countries. GSL is an Exclusive Licensee for FieldTurf in South Asia.
The stadium and sports facilities are expected to maintain the highest quality playing surface, adhering to the most rigorous standards and yet draw the sell-out crowds from non-sports events like concerts, tradeshows, and events that can jeopardize the state of the turf. These concerns have been comprehensively addressed with the world's number one turf-protection system called the Terraplas. Terraplas helps stadium owners generate much more revenue by enabling the usage of the stadiums throughout the year than it would otherwise do (without damaging the turf) if it were just an idle asset.
We provide end-to-end solutions to build a complete stadium or an arena that includes stadium seating, VIP rooms, lounges, floodlights, and much more. The modular seating system, engineered by Alcor, France, is certified by SOCOTEC. The system not only ensures spectator safety but is also earthquake-resistant by design. The modular seating system can be custom designed and has been used in world-renowned tournaments such as the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, French Football League, to name a few.