Rishi Valley School

Creating Badminton Enthusiasts

The growing popularity of the racquet sport prods every household to take badminton up either as a hobby or profession. The array of products that Great SportsTech offers is resilient and robust and provides the safest playing condition. GSL has installed numerous badminton courts across the country.


These products are a great choice for resurfacing or when considering a new project. SnapSports badminton courts require no maintenance and are suitable for every budget. These multi-sport and multi-purpose surfaces offer an excellent grip in wet or dry conditions and perform at the highest skill levels.

Great SportsTech is partnered with SnapSports that offers world-class inter-locking modular sports flooring surface for badminton with a wide range of options for any level or kind of sport. SnapSports offers solutions for indoor and outdoor badminton courts that provide excellent grip in wet or dry weather conditions. With thousands of installations worldwide, SnapSports continues to be the preferred modular surface for an amateur and professional-level play.

FieldTurf’s new-generation artificial grass for badminton courts has penetrated municipalities, schools, and recreation facilities. The specially designed products, which can be installed for both outdoor and indoor use, offer excellent grip for the players. These surfaces can be used for multiple sports and even non-sport usages such as school events, assemblies, fairs, etc. Extended surface life and minimal maintenance costs make FieldTurf right for any budget.
FieldTurf is the world leader in artificial turf and in fact the innovator of this new-generation turf. There are over 14 patents covering various aspects of the FieldTurf artificial grass “system”. Its success is reflected by its installations in over 7,000 stadiums and playground installations across 55 countries. GSL is an Exclusive Licensee for FieldTurf in South Asia.
Porplastic PU systems have proven their worth for over five decades as multi-purpose and multi-sport facilities just as they have shown to be an optimal base for professionals for national and international championships in high-performance and professional sports. These surfaces, built with state-of-the-art German technology, are approved by leading sports governing bodies such as ITF and BWF.
Maple hardwood surface is the most preferred choice for indoor sports and GSL caters to all levels ranging from amateur to training to competition. The hardwood surface is suitable for multiple venues spanning across schools, universities, and stadiums. This MFMA and FIBA approved product is ever-ready for national and international championships to be hosted on them. The expertise extends even to the renovation of old installations.