27 Jun-2019

Bad Weather: A Nightmare For Cricket World Cup 2019

When it is the cricketers who should be breaking records and creating new ones this world cup season, it is surprising to see that something else is doing so, the streak of cancellation of matches. It is the highest number of cancellation of matches one has ever seen in the history of ICC Cricket World Cup.

In this time of despair for cricket fans, one can only hope that this “Act of God” shows mercy and that we can enjoy the event that occurs only once in 4 years. But once the rain stops, how can we make sure that we savor every moment of the game without having to rely on any other method such as DL? Well, a shortened over could also save the day.

Had the rain stopped at Bristol County Ground and Hampshire Bowl well within time, there would have been a possibility of saving the matches from being abandoned. You may be wondering how! The SubAir System, a unique vacuum-powered suction system that drains rainwater faster than it can rain, helps resume matches within minutes of cessation of rain. The cloud-based system enables automated management of the turf system with in-field sensors. The moisture sensors activate the system without any human intervention. This is a generational leap forward from the time when stadiums used to begin the water drainage or sopping operations before they could restart the delayed match or sometimes even call it off.

The Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru houses the SubAir System and is the first of its kind to do so. The system yielded results immediately after it was installed and the stadium authorities have been reaping the benefits of it since 2017.

The unprecedented series of abandonment of matches can be dodged by adopting the SubAir System, water-drainage and turf-conditioning system, that easily restores the surface to an optimum playing condition.