04 Dec-2018

Great Sports Infra – From Strides to a Marathon

A vision towards the mission of developing sports infrastructure.
Great Sports Infra (GSI), South Asia’s leading provider for turnkey solutions is revolutionizing sports infrastructure. The company began in 2004 with the vision to introduce innovative sports infrastructure technologies across South Asia that will change the dynamics and economics of sports.
Sports Infrastructure in India is still in dire need of upgrading. GSI has been constantly working towards bringing in new technologies in the form of innovative products and its services. The products of international standards are built to cater to the needs of the new-generation. GSI was the first to introduce artificial grass in India and has come a long way since then. The product portfolio spans artificial grass for landscaping and sports (FieldTurf), interlocking modular tiles (SnapSports), synthetic acrylic surfaces, turf protection system (Terraplas), synthetic athletic tracks (Porplastic) and subsurface aeration technology for turf conditioning (SubAir). These products are approved by international sports bodies like FIFA, FIBA, ITF, IHF, IAAF etc. and are designed and manufactured by world-leaders in their respective domains.

Earlier, sports facilities were not in the reach of people. These facilities also entailed huge investments in terms of construction. GSI, through its efforts and initiatives, envisions taking sports to the people by enabling its reach to every corner of the country with the creation of multisport and multipurpose facilities that are economically viable.

Multisport facilities are highly beneficial for an economy like India. They save on construction costs, time and support various sports and are engineered for varied usage. GSI has created such facilities for the National Public School in Mysore and the Mohana Devi Somani School in Udaipur. The benefits of such a facility include playing various sports, the utility for a non-sports activity like Annual days, Daily assemblies, Cultural events etc. The products require virtually no maintenance and are durable; lasting many years. The setup of such facilities is however not restricted to a setup like schools.

GSI has now installed over 10 Million Sft of Sports surfaces on a turnkey basis across South Asia. This includes IAAF Athletic tracks at IIT, Madras, AFMC (Pune), Mauritius etc., FIFA Standard football fields at Salt Lake Stadium, Chowgule College, Paljor Stadium (Gangtok), Colombo, Maldives, Dhaka etc., FIH Standard Hockey fields used at National Games and World Hockey League Finals, Modular Sports surfaces for various schools, Universities and at 35 islands across Maldives.
Recently, GSI completely revamped the outfield at M Chinnaswamy International Cricket stadium making it the first such cricket stadium worldwide to be commissioned with a SubAir System with aeration and vacuum powered suction. Wet outfields and match delays can now be a thing of the past with this technology.
GSI is presently executing one of the most unique projects of the country involving the use of Modular Gallery Seating at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Mizoram. This product from France can replace conventional concrete galleries. They can be commissioned at half the price and one third the time compared to regular structures. With an upcoming I-league, the Government of Mizoram adopted this product, after gaining knowledge of the several benefits it offers. The new gallery is now set to have a seating capacity of 20,000 people.